Sisters of element

About the Book


Sisters of Element is the first book in a series about the Luna sisters, four Mexican American young women living in present day Percival Falls, Washington. Lina, Val, Zo and Rory Luna have special abilities based on the elements: water, fire, air, and earth. Having lost their parents at an early age, the sisters have an unbreakable bond. When faced with a dark force that threatens their very existence, they don’t hesitate to fiercely protect each other—even if it means the ultimate sacrifice.

Lina has it all - her soulmate Gabriel and dream job. Meeting her sister Val’s new boyfriend triggers a series of nightmares that leaves Lina terrified that something bad is about to happen to her sister. Little does she know, she and her family are in even more danger than she could have imagined.

Readers will go on a magical and mysterious journey with the Luna sisters. The characters will share their inner strength, their sacrifice, their resilience, and the powerful bond of sisterhood. At its heart, Sisters of Element is a story about unconditional love and how with it, you can overcome even the greatest obstacles.